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Your new Project Development Partners

Work with us to optimise the use of your land and create a more sustainable, profitable future

To overview

At BayWa r.e. we’ve got over 30 years’ experience working with communities and industry stakeholders on global wind energy projects. We’re fusing industry best practice with local knowledge.

Growing wind energy country by country

In Benelux, we’re developing around 70 MW of wind power projects. Ongoing discussions with landowners could secure space for up to 100 MW more. Do you wonder if you own a suitable site for a wind farm? If so, please contact us and our team in Utrecht would will explain you whether you do. 

Get in touch with our expert team to developing world-leading wind technology on your land. We can assess your site in less than two weeks. 

We have extensive expertise in:

  • Technical analysis for potential sites
  • Leading planning and approval processes
  • Optimising the site’s layout
  • Drafting permit applications
  • Financing projects
  • Implementing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
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