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Helping Solar Projects Shine in Benelux

Creating a bright future with the full-service approach to technical management for solar

To overview

Securing the power in solar energy 

We offer solar plant operators the entire range of services, on their own or as a package. You’ll have one project manager as a single point of contact, along with constant oversight from our control centre.

Tailor-made software tools enable us to execute tasks fast and efficiently. We have a strong local presence to offer global services for your solar energy plants. Furthermore, our team of professionals has many years of experience with inverters from all well-known manufacturers like Siemens, SMA or Huawei.

Across more than 1,000 solar energy projects, we work with:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • International investment companies
  • Community energy cooperatives

We exploit the full potential of your solar plant

Our engineers set standards for new applications like floating PV, where we have currently more than 100 MWp under management. Because we continuously tap into new markets, also, in those, where the expansion of solar energy is still at the beginning, such as Romania or Zambia, we grow dynamically.

Professional project management, centralised monitoring, on-site service teams, and proven processes and structures work together to ensure your solar plant always works at high availability and with optimised yields.

Our solar park management services include:

  • Comprehensive technical project management
  • Performance management
  • IT security and plant communications
  • HSE management
  • Operating data analysis, technical assessments and ongoing reporting
  • 24/7 monitoring from our control centres in Munich and Bangkok
  • Thermal imaging and I-V curve measurement
  • Processing of warranty claims, insurance and loss cases
  • Maintenance, repairs and regular inspections
  • Interface to commercial operations management
  • Energy trading with energy supply utilities and grid operators
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