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Your Reliable Solar Project Development Partner

Developing large-scale solar power projects across Benelux and worldwide

To overview

At BayWa r.e. we collaborate closely with landowners, local authorities, and legislators to craft a brighter future. The result: successful solar power projects from inception to development and operation. Our expert team handle financing, marketing of the electricity, legal requirements; all the ingredients that make a large-scale project happen.

Across the whole value chain, we’ve got an extensive track record in areas like:

  • Analysing and assessing sites
  • Navigating approval and permit processes
  • Optimising site layout
  • Participation in auctions
  • Financing projects
  • Implementing custom participation models
  • Marketing of electricity

Project acquisition and cooperation

We look back on many years of experience in acquiring project rights in Benelux and beyond. If you want to sell your project rights or bring a capable partner on board to ensure success, we’d love to talk with you.

No matter the stage your project is at, trust us to see it all the way to market. 

Solar projects in the Netherlands are overseen by GroenLeven, our local partner and Dutch market leader.Find out more on their website

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