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Invest in Benelux Solar-powered Future

Turnkey solar parks can help you realise your sustainable investment vision with huge ROI

To overview

It’s never been more important, or more lucrative, to invest in a sustainable future. The solar power experts at BayWa r.e. help to manage every stage of the project cycle. Development, permit planning, implementation, and onwards to daily operation. 

Committed to constant improvement, BayWa r.e. secured ISO certification back in 2019 for our quality and environmental management.

We pave the way for your successful investment

As well as developing the on-site technology, we’ll help you qualify for both short-term and long-term bank financing thanks to our in-depth sector knowledge. We handle all the contracts and rights that are needed for the construction and ongoing operation of the solar park, we’re your trusted, expert partners in bringing investment opportunity to life.

Secure return from the beginning

We’ve got decades of experience proving that solar is both viable and more than lucrative. We negotiate power purchase agreements (PPAs) for you,  that secure an attractive price for the power from your solar park. With many subsidy-free solar projects all over Europe, we demonstrated that large-scale solar parks can be realized without the need for government subsidies. 

Solar projects in the Netherlands are overseen by GroenLeven, our local partner and Dutch market leader. Find out more on their website

    Kerabi Aslan
    Solar Projects – Netherlands
    GroenLeven B.V.
    Christophe Arnaud
    Solar Projects – Belgium & Luxembourg
    Baywa r.e. Benelux B.V.
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