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Leasing Land in Benelux for Solar Projects

Optimising land use, pioneering Benelux’s solar revolution for a brighter tomorrow

To overview

Leasing of unused land and unused bodies of water 

We put spare land to good use by building solar parks. Farmland, fallow land, former industrial and military areas, even bodies of water can host the latest photovoltaic technology and start generating clean power.

Floating-PV turns lakes into highly efficient solar farms. Meanwhile, agriphotovoltaics (Agri-PV) is unlocking dual use of farmland by installing solar modules above crops and delivering protection against extreme weather events at same time. We’re committed to developing state-of-the-art solar system designs to alleviate land use conflicts and drive the green energy movement forward.

If you have land that’s suitable for a solar park, we can handle everything from project development to construction, commissioning, and maintenance. 

Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy:

  • A secure fixed rental income for at least 20 years for Floating-PV and ground-mounted PV
  • All year round weather protection for crops with Agri-PV 
  • No investment from yourself
  • Additional income if you agree to tend to the land
  • A supportive partner for the whole project lifecycle


Talk to us if you own 10 hectares of land or more. We’re particularly interested in:

  • Cropland with poor soil
  • Old industrial land
  • Unused artificial bodies of water
  • Land used to grow specialist crops, from 4 hectares size onwards; vineyards and berry farms are ideal for Agri-PV

Solar projects in the Netherlands are overseen by GroenLeven, our local partner and Dutch market leader. Find out more on their website

Kerabi Aslan
Solar Projects – Netherlands
GroenLeven B.V.
Christophe Arnaud
Solar Projects – Belgium & Luxembourg
Baywa r.e. Benelux B.V.
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