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Essential Maintenance and Repairs for Wind Farms

Securing peak operational efficiency for Benelux wind power projects

To overview

Contamination, fungal growth and oil accumulation call for frequent maintenance. This helps protect the tower’s operational integrity and commercial value, particularly where sensitive parts are concerned.

Our teams extensively examine tower flanges and external tower joints, parts which are particularly prone to corrosion and ingress of moisture.  We also take care of the paintwork: should the tower's highly stable surface coating become damaged through environmental or mechanical factors, we eliminate any corrosion and re-coat the damaged areas.

We help protect the environment down to the fine details: All cleaning materials and consumables are collected at the foundation level and disposed of correctly, with appropriate certification.

Our nacelle and win turbine tower maintenance services include:

  • Rotor blade cleaning
  • Surface protection through rotor blade sealing
  • Internal and external cleaning of the tower
  • Tower paintwork repairs
  • Correct disposal of any substances containing oil, including disposal certification
  • Use of state-of-the-art platform and rope access technology
Henry von Helldorff
Towers & Nacelles Cleaning
BayWa r.e. Rotor Service GmbH
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