Benefit from Our Worldwide Experience as the Market Leader

Let solar power drive your projects! Whether on extensive roof spaces, unused land or artificial bodies of water – BayWa r.e. is particularly experienced in the area of high-output PV plants. We also specialise in hybrid plants. We offer the full service spectrum, from project acquisition and development to commercial and technical management. We will also market the power for you through power purchase agreements, thereby ensuring the financial success of your investments. Are you intending to embark on a photovoltaic project as an energy solution for your industrial or commercial premises? We understand all the (in part complex) legal framework conditions and challenges associated with bringing major projects such as these to life. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note: Solar projects in the Netherlands are handled by our local partner GroenLeven, market leader in the Netherlands. For more information and inquiries, please visit their website.

Turnkey PV plants from the market leader for subsidy-free solar projects

Successful projects thought through all the way from beginning to end.

As a globally active full-service project developer, we can assist you with all of your solar projects. Whether high-output PV installations on roof spaces, unused land or artificial bodies of water, whether hybrid plants in the multi-megawatt region or industrial and commercial energy solutions – we will deal with the planning, financing and realisation for you.

We are the market leader in the field of high-output photovoltaic plants. We will plan and develop your project until we handover your turnkey system. Benefit from our many years of experience in collaborating with municipalities, landowners and government bodies. We can always rely on our parent company BayWa AG’s solid financial standing.

We will continue to partner you even after the handover. You are welcome to leave the commercial and technical operations management up to us. We will ensure maximum plant lifetime and maximum yields. Do you want to sell your plant or invest in a turnkey project? We will help you.

Project development

We have gained worldwide experience in the development of solar projects. We have become the market leader in this field in the space of only ten years. Our customers appreciate the fact that we support them at all stages: from the site analysis and approval planning process to the system and installation planning process. We provide all of these services.

Our project development services

  • Site analysis and evaluation
  • Greenfield project development
  • Yield simulations
  • Preparation and completion of approval application documents
  • Approval planning
  • Support during the approval process
  • System planning (electrics and panel utilisation planning)
  • Development and installation planning
  • Collaborations with local developers and planners
  • Acquisition of project rights at any development stage
  • Assistance with regional cooperative projects

Project acquisition and cooperation

Do you intend to sell the project rights as soon as possible, or are you looking for a strong partner to further finance your project until it is ready to be installed? We acquire project rights in all development stages and provide ongoing, additional support if necessary. In some countries, such projects are realised on the basis of tenders. Our experience and strong financial position offer advantages in this respect.

Rent out your unused land for solar energy and earn money with sunlight

Whether farmland, fallow land, or land previously dedicated to industrial or military use that is now being redeveloped, utilise your space and build a solar farm on it. With a leasing contract that runs over a minimum term of 20 years, you benefit from a secure rental income with nil investment on your part. You don’t have to do anything; the risk is entirely ours. We will deal with the project development, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We are interested in:

  • All land with a minimum size of around seven hectares
  • Impervious surface areas and land ready for redevelopment
  • Cropland in areas with poor soil
  • Former industrial sites
  • Land with high sunlight penetration (minimum shadows)                                                                                                  

Benefits of renting out your land:

  • You enjoy a fixed rental income for the next 20 years
  • If you agree to tend to the land, you will earn additional income as a service provider
  • We will deal with everything, from the rental agreement to the planning, installation and commissioning of the system and its maintenance

We will develop the optimum energy concept for your company 

Many companies now act sustainably not only due to necessity but also because the public expects them to. Increasing energy prices and legal obligations are other considerations that must be taken into account. We help our industrial and commercial customers as well as multinationals based in the Benelux countries to realise their projects.

We are experienced in the area of technical, commercial and legally complex solution approaches and deliver concepts for, for example, generating electricity to cover your own consumption, storage systems in order to optimise the demand curve (e.g. through peak shaving), and the supply of green energy generated by major projects (power purchase agreements).

Power purchase agreements – an important element for new markets

Do you consume a lot of electricity that you would like to source sustainably? We can also assist you in this area. As an energy-intensive company, you can act sustainably without installing your own solar power system. On the basis of a power purchase agreement (PPA), we will supply you with electricity generated by solar energy – either via a direct power line or virtually.

Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be happy to advise you.

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